Background-Removal Manager

BackgroundRemovalManager is component that controls the Kinect background removal functionality, i.e. rendering the selected user bodies on transparent background.


Player Index

Index of the player, tracked by this component. -1 means all players, 0 - the 1st player only, 1 - the 2nd player only, etc.

Foreground Camera

Camera that may be used to display the foreground texture as GUI texture on the screen.

Color Camera Resolution

Whether the hi-res (color camera resolution 1920x1080) is to be used for the output foreground texture. Otherwise the depth camera resolution (512x424) will be used instead.

Compute Body Tex Only

Whether only the body alpha texture is needed (white user bodies on transparent background).

Invert Alpha Color Mask

Whether the color texture will be inverted or not. Leave disabled for silhouettes, enable for background.

Erode Iterations

(Advanced) Number of erode iterations used by the erode/dilate filter.

Dilate Iterations

(Advanced) Number of dilate iterations used by the erode/dilate filter.

Debug Text

GUI-Text to display the BR-Manager debug messages.

See also the documentation regarding the public API of this component.