Face-Tracking Manager

FaceTrackingManager is the component that controls the head and face tracking of the tracked users.


Player Index

Index of the player, tracked by this component. 0 means the 1st player, 1 - the 2nd one, 2 - the 3rd one, etc.

Get Face Model Data

Whether to poll the HD-face model data, as well.

Display Face Rect

Whether to display the face rectangle over the color camera feed.

Face Tracking Tolerance

Time tolerance in seconds, when the face may not to be tracked, without considering it lost.

Face Model Mesh

Game object that will be used to display the HD-face model mesh in the scene.

Pause Model Mesh Updates

Whether to pause the updates of the HD-face model mesh.

Textured Model Mesh

How the HD-face model mesh should be textured.

Move Model Mesh

Whether to move the face model mesh, according to the user's head position or not.

Foreground Camera

Camera used to overlay face mesh over the color background.

Model Mesh Scale

Scale factor for the face mesh.

Vertical Mesh Offset

Vertical offset of the mesh above the head (in meters).

Debug Text

GUI-Text to display the FT-manager debug messages.

See also the documentation regarding the public API of this component.