Hand Overlayer

HandOverlayer is component of the KinectController-game object in KinectOverlayDemo3-scene. It controls the position of the hand cursor on screen, to overlay the user's hand in background. It controls the cursor texture too, to match the user's hand state - gripped or released. The hand states are reported by the InteractionManager-component in the scene.


Player Index

Index of the player, tracked by this component. 0 means the 1st player, 1 - the 2nd one, 2 - the 3rd one, etc.

Is Left Handed

Whether the player's left hand should be tracked, or the right hand.

Background Image

GUI-texture used to display the color camera feed on the scene background.

Grip Hand Texture

Hand-cursor texture for the hand-grip state.

Release Hand Texture

Hand-cursor texture for the hand-release state.

Normal Hand Texture

Hand-cursor texture for the non-tracked state.

Smooth Factor

Smooth factor for cursor movement.