Interaction Manager

InteractionManager is component that controls the hand cursor and tracks the hand interactions of the tracked user, in means of hand grips and releases.


Player Index

Index of the player, tracked by this component. 0 means the 1st player, 1 - the 2nd one, 2 - the 3rd one, etc.

GUI Hand Cursor

The image that may be used to show the hand-moved cursor on the screen or not. The sprite textures below need to be set too.

Grip Hand Texture

Hand-cursor sprite texture, for the hand-grip state.

Release Hand Texture

Hand-cursor sprite texture, for the hand-release state.

Normal Hand Texture

Hand-cursor sprite texture, for the non-tracked state.

Hand Overlay Cursor

Whether the cursor should overlay user's hand on screen or not.

Smooth Factor

Smooth factor for cursor movement.

Allow Hand Clicks

Whether the hand clicks (i.e. hand staying in place for ~2 seconds) are enabled or not.

Allow Push-to-Click

Whether the hand pushes need to be considered as clicks or not.

Control Mouse Cursor

Whether the hand cursor and interactions control the mouse cursor or not.

Control Mouse Drag

Whether the hand grips and releases control mouse dragging or not.

Interaction Listeners

List of the interaction listeners in the scene. If the list is empty, the available interaction listeners will be detected at scene start up.

Debug Text

GUI-Text to display the interaction-manager debug messages.

See also the documentation regarding the public API of this component.