Kinect Manager

KinectManager is the main and the most basic Kinect-related component. It controls the sensor and polls the data streams. All other components rely on the data provided by the KinectManager-component.


Sensor Height

How high above the ground is the sensor, in meters.

Sensor Angle

Kinect elevation angle (in degrees). May be positive or negative.

Auto Height Angle

Whether to automatically set the sensor height and angle. The user must stay in front of the sensor, in order the automatic detection to work.

Compute User Map

Whether and how to utilize the user and depth images.

Compute Color Map

Whether to utilize the color camera image.

Compute Infrared Map

Whether to utilize the IR camera image.

Display User Map

Whether to display the user map on the screen.

Display Color Map

Whether to display the color camera image on the screen.

Display Skeleton Lines

Whether to display skeleton lines over the the user map.

Display Maps Width Percent

Depth and color image width on the screen, as percent of the screen width. The image height is calculated depending on the width.

Use Multi Source Reader

Whether to use the multi-source reader, if one is available (K2-only feature).

Min User Distance

Minimum distance to a user, in order to be considered for skeleton data processing.

Max User Distance

Maximum distance to a user, in order to be considered for skeleton data processing. Value of 0 means no maximum distance limitation.

Max Left Right Distance

Maximum left or right distance to a user, in order to be considered for skeleton data processing. Value of 0 means no left/right distance limitation.

Max Tracked Users

Maximum number of users, which may be tracked simultaneously.

Show Tracked Users Only

Whether to display the tracked users within the allowed distance only, or all users (higher fps).

User Detection Order

How to assign users to player indices - by order of appearance, distance or left-to-right.

Ignore Inferred Joints

Whether to utilize only the really tracked joints (and ignore the inferred ones) or not.

Ignore Z-Coordinates

Whether to ignore the Z-coordinates of the joints (i.e. to use them in 2D-scenes) or not.

Late Update Avatars

Whether to update the AvatarControllers in LateUpdate(), instead of in Update(). Needed for Mecanim animation blending.

Skip Remote Avatars

Whether to skip the remote avatar controllers in multiplayer games.


Set of joint smoothing parameters.

Use Bone Orientation Constraints

Whether to apply the bone orientation constraints.

Estimate Joint Velocities

Whether to estimate the body joints velocities.

Velocity Smoothing

Set of joint velocity smoothing parameters.

Allow Turn-Arounds

Whether to allow detection of body turn-arounds or not.

Allowed Hand Rotations

Allowed wrist and hand rotations: None - no hand rotations are allowed, Default - hand rotations are allowed except for the twists, All - all rotations are allowed.

Wait-Time Before Remove

Wait-time in seconds, before a lost user gets removed. This is to prevent sporadical user switches.

Avatar Controllers

List of the avatar controllers in the scene. If the list is empty, the available avatar controllers are detected at the scene start up.

Player Calibration Pose

Calibration pose required, to turn on the tracking of respective player.

Player Common Gestures

List of common gestures, to be detected for each player.

Min-Time Between Gestures

Minimum time between gesture detections (in seconds).

Gesture Manager

Gesture manager, used to detect programmatic Kinect gestures.

Gesture Listeners

List of the gesture listeners in the scene. If the list is empty, the available gesture listeners will be detected at the scene start up.

Calibration Text

GUI-Text to display user detection messages.

Gestures Debug Text

GUI-Text to display debug messages for the currently tracked gestures.

See also the documentation regarding the public API of this component.