Scene Mesh Visualizer

SceneMeshVisualizer is component of the SceneMesh-game object in KinectSceneVisualizer-scene. It converts the depth and color camera images to a single scene mesh, and overlays it over the real environment on background. You can use different mesh materials and shaders, to render the 3d-scene environment as to your liking.


Min Distance

Minimum tracked distance from the sensor, in meters.

Max Distance

Maximum tracked distance from the sensor, in meters.

Max Left Right

Maximum left and right distance from the sensor, in meters.

Include Players

Whether to include the detected players to the scene mesh or not.

Update Mesh Interval

Time interval between scene mesh updates, in seconds.

Update When No Players

Whether to update the mesh, only when there are no players detected.

Foreground Camera

Camera used to overlay the mesh over the color background.

Update Mesh Collider

Whether to update the mesh collider as well, when the user mesh changes.