Speech Manager

SpeechManager is the component that controls the Kinect speech recognition, provides the needed API to check for the detected voice commands, and invokes the available speech listeners in the scene, when a voice command gets recognized.


Grammar File Name

File name of the grammar file, used by the speech recognizer. The file will be copied from Resources, if it does not exist.

Dynamic Grammar

Whether the grammar is dynamic or static. Dynamic grammars allow adding phrases at run-time.

Language Code

Code of the language, used by the speech recognizer. Default is English (1033). The list of language codes can be found here (see ‘LCID Decimal’).

Required Confidence

Minimum confidence required, to consider a phrase as recognized. Confidence varies between 0.0 and 1.0.

Speech Recognition Listeners

List of the speech recognition listeners in the scene. If the list is empty, the available gesture listeners will be detected at the scene start up.

Debug Text

GUI-Text to display the speech-manager debug messages.

See also the documentation regarding the public API of this component.