User Mesh Visualizer

UserMeshVisualizer is component of the UserMesh-game object in KinectUserVisualizer-scene. It uses the depth and color camera images, to create a 3d-mesh of the user(s), and overlays it over the real environment on background. There is a constant in the script called 'sampleSize', equal to 2 by default. If you change it to 1, you will get a more detailed 3d-mesh of the users(s), but be aware Unity meshes have a 64K vertex limit, hence mesh errors are possible.


Player Index

Index of the player, tracked by this component. -1 means all players, 0 - the 1st player only, 1 - the 2nd player only, etc.

Mirrored Movement

Whether the mesh is facing the player or not.

Origin Position

Kinect position in the world, used as origin for user movements.

Inverted Z Movement

Whether the z-movement should be inverted or not.

Smooth Factor

Smooth factor used for user movements.

Foreground Camera

Camera used to overlay the mesh over the color background.

Update Mesh Collider

Whether to update the mesh collider as well, when the user mesh changes.