User Movie Sequence

UserMovieSequence is component of the KinectController-game object in KinectMovieDemo-scene. It displays a texture from the FrameTextures-list, corresponding to the user's position in front of the sensor. This may be used in interactive ad setups.


Player Index

Index of the player, tracked by this component. 0 means the 1st player, 1 - the 2nd one, 2 - the 3rd one, etc.

Limit Left Right

How far left or right from the camera may be the user, in meters.

Movie Gui Texture

GUI texture to display the movie frames.

Frame Textures

List of frames in the movie sequence.

Smooth Factor

Smooth factor used for frame interpolation.

Current Frame

Current frame number (as estimated).

Status Text

GUI-Text to display status messages.