Visual Gesture Manager

VisualGestureManager is the component that controls the detection of the visual (VGB) gestures. It invokes the available visual gesture listeners in the scene, when a visual gesture gets detected.


Player Index

Index of the player, tracked by this component. 0 means the 1st player, 1 - the 2nd one, 2 - the 3rd one, etc.

Gesture Database

File name of the VG database, used by the visual gesture recognizer. The file will be copied from Resources, if does not exist.

Gesture Names

List of the tracked visual gestures. If left empty, all gestures found in the database will be tracked.

Min Confidence

Minimum confidence required, to consider discrete gestures as completed. The confidence varies between 0.0 and 1.0.

Visual Gesture Listeners

List of the visual gesture listeners in the scene. If the list is empty, the available gesture listeners will be detected at the scene start up.

Debug Text

GUI-Text to display the VG-manager debug messages.

See also the documentation regarding the public API of this component.