LeapMotion Finger Tracking

You can use the LeapMotion-sensor to track the user's fingers and record the full finger motion in the animation, as well. To do it, follow these steps:

    1. Install LeapMotion Orion Setup. You can download it here.
    2. Connect the LeapMotion-sensor to the machine, glue the sensor to a head strap or head-set, and put it on your head with the LED indicator pointing up.
    3. Run the LeapMotion Visualizer-app (right click the LeapMotion desktop icon and select Visualizer), then check if the sensor tracks your hands and fingers correctly.
    4. Open the 'Kinect Mocap Animator' Unity project, open Assets/KinectMocapAnimator-scene, and enable LMHeadMountedRig-game object, as shown below.
    5. Run the scene and check, if the hands and fingers of LiveReplay-avatar in the scene follow user's hands and fingers.

    1. To turn on the LeapMotion finger tracking, enable the LMHeadMountedRig-game object in the scene. Disable the game object, to turn the LeapMotion tracking off. When the LeapMotion finger tracking is turned off, the Kinect hand and finger tracking is used instead.

If you want to see the LeapMotion camera image on scene background, enable the 'Display Leap Motion camera'-setting of KinectFbxController. KinectFbxController is component of the KinectController-game object in the scene. The LM camera background may be quite useful, if you are running the scene in VR mode. The LeapMotion camera may provide you "IR sight" in this mode.