Retarget the animation to other models

You don’t need to replace the models in the Mocap-Animator with your own, to utilize the recorded animation(s). Instead, use the retargeting capabilities of Unity animation system Mecanim. Do as follows:

    1. Copy the model with the recorded animation (usually Assets/Models/Recorded.fbx) to the Unity project, where you plan to utilize the animation, and rename it accordingly.
    2. Select the copied model in Unity editor, switch to the Rig-tab of its Import settings, and make it Humanoid.
    3. Go to the Animations-tab of the Import settings, and make the needed changes, like setting the Start & End frames, Loop time, etc. Don't forget to apply the changes.
    4. Open the scene where your model should play the animation, and select it in Hierarchy. Its rig in Import settings should be Humanoid, as well.
    5. Make sure the model has an Animator-component, and there is animator controller assigned to it. If there isn't, create a new animator controller in Assets-window, and assign it to the Controller-setting of the Animator-component.
    6. Open the Animator-window (menu Window / Animator).
    7. Drag the recorded animation (or the entire model with animation from p.1) and drop it into the Animator window. The recorded animation will appear in Animator’s state machine.

That’s it. Now run the scene and check, if your model plays the recorded animation correctly. This way you can retarget the recorded animation(s) to all other humanoid models in your project, without physically recording any animation clips into them.