How to run the VfxPointCloudDemo-scene

There are special preparations needed for the VfxPointCloudDemo-scene. Please do as follows:

1. Run the Unity package manager (menu Window / Package Manager). Select to view ‘All packages’ and enable the ‘Show preview packages’-option.

2. Install the ‘High Definition RP’-package.

3. Install the ‘Visual Effect Graph’-package, as well.

4. Open the project settings (menu Edit / Project Settings) and select ‘Graphics’. Then drag the HDRP-asset from the KinectDemos/PointCloudDemo/HDRP-folder of the project to the ‘Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings’ in the Graphics-section.

5. Select the ‘Player’-section on the left. Change the color space from ‘Gamma’ to ‘Linear’.

6. Open and run the VfxPointCloudDemo-scene from KinectDemos/PointCloudDemo-folder.

7. If you still can’t see the point cloud on screen, select the VfxPointCloud-object and then press ‘Edit’ in the user interface of the ‘Visual Effect’-component.

8. You can also select other visual effect as ‘Asset template’ of the VfxPointCloud-object, from the PointCloudDemo/VFX-folder.