The Kinect Manager

All sensor-related scenes require a KinectManager-component. In all demo scenes it resides in the KinectController-game object. This is the most basic component that manages the sensors and data. Its public API is utilized by all other sensor-related components. You can also utilize the public API of KinectManager in your scripts. Please note, the KinectManager persists across the scenes. In case of multi-scene setup, it should be created only once – in the startup scene. All other scenes can always reference it by calling the static ‘KinectManager.Instance’-property.

Here are the public settings of the KinectManager-component:



Sensor Data

Use Multi Cam Config

Whether to create the sensor interfaces according to the multi-camera config, if one is available. Otherwise use the sensor interfaces, as configured in the child objects of this object.

Sync Multi Cam Frames

Whether to synchronize the received frames, in case of master/sub cameras.

Get Depth Frames

Whether to get depth frames from the sensor(s).

Get Color Frames

Whether to get color frames from the sensor(s).

Get Infrared Frames

Whether to get infrared frames from the sensor(s).

Get Pose Frames

Whether to get pose frames from the sensor(s).

Get Body Frames

Whether to get body frames from the body tracker.

Sync Depth and Color

Whether to synchronize depth and color frames.

Sync Body and Depth

Whether to synchronize body and depth frames.

User Detection

Min User Distance

Minimum distance to user, in order to be considered for body processing. 0 means no minimum distance limitation.

Max User Distance

Maximum distance to user, in order to be considered for body processing. 0 means no maximum distance limitation.

Max Left Right Distance

Maximum left or right distance to user, in order to be considered for body processing. 0 means no left/right distance limitation.

Max Tracked Users

Maximum number of users, who may be tracked simultaneously. 0 means no limitation.

Show Allowed Users Only

Whether to display only the users within the allowed distances, or all users.

User Detection Order

How to assign users to player indices - by order of appearance, distance or left-to-right.

Ignore Inferred Joints

Whether to ignore the inferred joints, or consider them as tracked joints.

Ignore Z-Coordinates

Whether to ignore the Z-coordinates of the joints (for 2D-scenes) or not.

Bone Orientation Constraints

Whether to apply the bone orientation constraints.

Player Calibration Pose

Calibration pose required, to start tracking the respective user.

User Manager

User manager, used to track the users. KM creates one, if not set.

Gesture Detection

Gesture Manager

Gesture manager, used to detect user gestures. KM creates one, if not set.

On-Screen Info

Display Images

List of images to display on the screen.

Display Image Width

Single image width, as percent of the screen width.

Status Info Text

UI-Text to display status messages.

Console Log Messages

Whether to log the KinectManager info messages to the console or not.


On Depth Sensors Started

Fired when the depth sensors get started.

On Depth Sensors Stopped

Fired when the depth sensors get stopped.

Here is the online documentation regarding the public API of this component, as well.