How to run the VfxPointCloudDemo-scene

There are some special preparations needed for the VfxPointCloudDemo-scene. Please do as follows:

1. Run the Unity package manager (menu Window / Package Manager). Select to view ‘All packages’ and enable the ‘Show preview packages’-option.

2. Install the ‘High Definition RP’-package.

3. Install the ‘Visual Effect Graph’-package, as well.

4. Open the project settings (menu Edit / Project Settings) and select ‘Graphics’. Then drag the HDRP-asset from the KinectDemos/PointCloudDemo/HDRP-folder of the project to the ‘Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings’ in the Graphics-section.

5. Select the ‘Player’-section on the left. Change the color space from ‘Gamma’ to ‘Linear’.

6. Open and run the VfxPointCloudDemo-scene from KinectDemos/PointCloudDemo-folder.

7. If you still can’t see the point cloud on screen, select the VfxPointCloud-object and then press ‘Edit’ in the user interface of the ‘Visual Effect’-component. Then just close the VFX editor. This will update the visual effect asset, if needed.

8. If you want to filter only the players in the scene, please use 'Point cloud player list'-setting of the sensor interface, to set the needed player index, a list of player indices or all players (-1). The 'Get body frames'-setting of KinectManager should NOT be 'None', and 'Sync body and depth' should be enabled, to provide synchronization between the depth and body index images.